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Natural Stone Worktops

There is a vast range of natural stone offering colours and price points for any worktops installation. Unlike composite stone every piece of natural stone is unique. Although natural stone does require some maintenance,  it is a very durable option and has a luxury feel. Whether you are looking for granite for your kitchen, marble for your bathroom or any other natural stone,  at Henderstone we can guide you through finding the perfect stone for your requirement.


Stone Work Surface Options



A classic choice for kitchen worktops although it's not as hard wearing as other natural stones and requires regular sealing and can be prone to chipping and scratching if not looked after properly. From distinctive veining patterns such as Calacatta and Arabesque to more subtle veining such as Carrara there really is something for every design scheme. 


A hard wearing beautiful stone granite has been the most popular choice of stone worktops for kitchens due to its durability and wide array of patterns and colours. Granite  is easy to maintain and comes in different finishes such as polished, honed and leathered. Granite is the ideal choice for a busy family kitchenQuartzite: Similar to granite but harder and denser and more scratch resistant.  Also quartzite is available in light colours that combine the beauty of marble with the durability of granite.  Quartzite has become increasingly popular recently for both residential kitchen installations and high use commercial applications. 


Known for its smooth, matte finish and sometimes subtle veining. We do not recommend limestone for kitchen worktops as it is too soft and porous.  It is a great choice for vanity tops and bathroom panels


Only available in dark colours ranging from dark charcoal to muted greens and blues. Slate scratches very easily and is used mostly for fire hearths and wall cladding.

Like any worktops the cost of natural stone worktops can vary depending on several factors, such as material, thickness, edge profile, and installation complexity. Here's a general overview of the costs associated with different natural stones, why not use our instant quote system to get a price or contact us.

Natural stone work surfaces offer something for every budget and kitchen renovation project. With a variety of options available, from marble to slate, there's a natural stone to suit every style and budget. At Henderstone we can guide you through finding the perfect natural stone for your project. 

Benefits of Natural Stone

Impact resistant

Scratch resistant

UV resistant


Every piece unique

Frost resistant

Heat resistant

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