Why Choose Granite Worktops?

The most striking buildings in the world are made of natural stone: the Taj Mahal is made of white marble, Windsor Castle of limestone, the Egyptian Pyramids of limestone, basalt, and granite. Natural stone is lauded as an elegant and eye-catching option for worktops, walkways, floors, and building exteriors. Possibly the most cost-effective way to incorporate natural stone into the home is by installing granite worktops. The beauty of natural stone, however, is only one reason to choose a granite worktop. Here are some reasons why contractors and their clients choose granite over their synthetic counterparts. Granite is the Green Choice Natural stone is the most environmentally-friendly building material in the world. Formed naturally within the earth, the creation of a natural stone such as granite does not leave a carbon footprint. Extracting and manufacturing are the only processes that require energy, making it the greenest product to build with. Because granite comes from the earth, unused stone is easily returned to the earth with absolutely no negative ramifications. Not only that, natural stone is just as described: all natural. No chemicals or pollutants are needed to create a beautiful natural granite worktop, making it the safest and healthiest choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Granite is much less porous than other types of stone and only lighter granite worktops require sealing. A non-porous worktopmeans less bacteria festering around your work area. Each Granite Worktop is Unique Every slab of natural stone is like a snowflake: no two are alike. A piece of granite might have multiple colors, streaks, natural designs no human or machine could ever emulate. Only Mother Nature could produce such varied patterns imbued with sparkling mineral deposits. granite worktops are quarried from large pieces of rock within the earth. Each piece is an individual that’s likeness will never be found again. Granite Worktops are Resilient Practically no other building material is as durable and long-lasting as granite: not wood, brick, vinyl or aluminum siding, corian, laminate, cement, or ceramic tile. Natural stone can last as long as the Pyramids. Granite, a particularly hard stone, is extremely scratch, stain and chip resistant and when installed correctly will never warp, or crack. It is immune to extremely high temperatures and requires little to no maintenance. Although the initial cost of installation is high, their quality, longevity, and durability make granite worktops a worthwhile investment and is an improvement that will actually add value to your residence. Granite is Versatile Limited only by the size of the rock within the earth, granite can be extracted and formed into any shape and dimension. While manufactured materials are processed to a predetermined size, natural stone provides a custom fit. Natural stone can be formed into pillars, steps, columns, and moldings, as well as flat worktops and flooring. A contractor doesn’t need to determine aesthetics based on the material; the material can actually inspire artistic design. With granite, worktops can be custom built to create a truly original workspace in the kitchen. Natural stone is the highest-end choice of building materials, in terms of both quality and price. It is also, however, the most practical choice. Granite can be formed to meet any project’s demands, and is the most environmentally-conscious choice of all building materials. Its longevity and durability make installation a financial investment that makes sense. Natural stone has been dazzling people for thousands of years; the chances that it would suddenly go out of style are slim to none. Therefore, your granite worktops will forever be your home’s most valuable and beautiful assets.

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