Stone Repair and Restoration

At Henderstone we are able to resurface and repair granite and marble surfaces providing and deal with difficult imperfections of damaged stone. Often the cost of replacing a whole floor of worktops installation can be £1000’s plus the upheaval of carrying out the works, luckily we have years of experience in repairing and restoring natural stone and quartz. We also advise our Customers on day to day maintenance and sell a range of products to keeping your granite worktops looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Worktop Repairs  

Stone worktops are used in a variety of areas within the home inside and out.  Please don't despair if you damaged your quartz worktops.  Here are some of the problems we are able to help with:   

  • cracked worktops  
  • chipped worktops
  • stained worktops
  • dropped undermounted sinks 
  • dropped joints on granite and marble worktops
  • restoring a lost sheen

We use the latest repair technology which is similar to the techniques dentists use to weld teeth this enable us to carry out near invisible repairs to granite, marble and composite and all natural stones.

Our Specialists will visit, assess and carry out the repairs speedily and 'on site' creating minimal disruption and mess.

Our costs for stone repairs are £175 + vat for the first hour on site plus £80 per hour thereafter.


Detergent/Water Cleaning 

This is generally used for lightly stained portland stone surfaces.  A detergent is sprayed at a low pressure and then rinsed using cold water from high pressure jets.  Using this method (otherwise known as the Nebulous Technique) we can ensure we only remove the dirt and debris in question thus leaving the stone undamaged. 

Acid Washing

This is mainly used for heavily soiled exteriors.  Our experts will assess the levels of soiling in question and carry out a small area to act as a 'patch test'.  We will protect all glazing and other features with a polythene film which is acid proof.  Acid is then applied using a low pressure sprayer and then rinsed by spraying using jets of steam.

Chemical Cleaning 

This type of cleaning is mainly used for graffiti removal.  It is used in conjunction with a steam generator.  The chemical is applied before and after the steam to ensure no 'shadow' residue is left. 

Abrasive Blasting 

This method is used for very heavily soiled exteriors.  The abrasives are applied with the correct pressure in order to preserve the colour and character of the area in question.  All glazing and external features are protected and any residual waste is removed once the process has been completed.


This is used for spot removal of deep stains in natural stone, due to natural stone being pourose it if possible for unsealed stone to absorb liquids.  A poultice is a paste that is applied to the stained area and allowed to dry, as the poultice dries it pulls the stain from the stone.  

Additional Services:-   

We also offer the following services:- 

- stone floor cleaning using professional cleaning products specific to your stone's needs 

- repolishing to ensure a professional sheen 

- sealing / resealing

- Stain removal

If you have a stone problem call for free expert advice today or use our contact form

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