Kitchen sinks

Henderstone’s diverse range of sinks cater for every style of kitchen

Similar to how every bathroom needs a toilet, every kitchen needs a sink. In fact a kitchen sink does much more than provides a place to do the washing up, or fill the kettle with water, as this essential kitchen feature is a focal aesthetical component of one of the most important rooms in a house.
It is important that you choose a sink that is in-keeping with the rest of your kitchen. A stainless steel sink, for example, is likely to look out of place in a rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen; likewise an enamel-coated cast iron sink would be inappropriately placed in a modern and state-of-the-art kitchen.

Henderstone, leading specialist suppliers of granite and quartz worktops in the South East of England, offer a range of sinks to cater for a diverse style of kitchens.
The Classic Butler 800 is a double sink that is elegant and simple in its appearance and would complement a stylish granite or quartz worktop, helping to create a timeless and classy appeal. Alternatively, an equally endearing addition to a traditional looking kitchen would the Henderstone’s Classic Ceramic sink, which comes with a highly convenient attached drainer. For those with a more contemporary kitchen design, Henderstone’s Classic 150 Universal um may be more enticing, which would look fantastic set within a marble or limestone work top.

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