How to maintain and clean a granite worktop

There is nothing quite like a granite worktop to bring a new dimension to a kitchen, increasing its aesthetical merits as well as the functionality of what is undoubtedly one of the busiest rooms in a home. Part of granite’s timeless and almost unrivalled appeal is the fact that it possesses a polished sheen that that not only provides an undisputed beauty but also makes this material relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Although having said this, if you want your granite worktop to remain as polished and luxurious-looked as the day it arrived from the showroom and to stand the test of time, then a degree of maintenance and care is required.

Use a cotton rag and a mild cleaning product

For optimum results use a clean cotton rag to wipe down a granite surface and a mild cleaning product or soap to ensure that the worktop is not damaged by harsh chemicals. As soon as the mild soapy solution has been applied, rinse it off thoroughly with water and then dry it using a dry clean cloth to remove any streaks.
Refrain from cutting on the worktop

As with any worktop in a kitchen, cutting directly on top of it should be prevented in order to avoid unsightly cuts or marks appearing on the granite surface. It may sound obvious, but always use a chopping board when cutting or chopping any food in a kitchen.

Avoid using vinegar on the surface

Granite does not like acidic products such as lemon juice and vinegar as the acid can etch its way into the surface and cause the granite to erode. It is therefore within every granite worktop owner’s interest to prevent products with a high acid content to come into contact with the surface.

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